nazi master race

The Lost Master Race

The Lebensborn (which loosely means “Fountain of Life” in English) Program was created out of the need to “populate” Germany once the Nazis had…

Africans in Tudor England

Africans in Tudor England

Few historians have the courage to challenge entrenched views, or historical misconceptions. Onyeka is one of those historians, who in Blackamoores: Africans in Tudor…

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inspired by london

Inspired by Georgian London

Debra Daley is a longtime 18th-century obsessionalist. She talks about how she brought Georgian London to life in her new novel Turning the Stones. If…

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Game Of Thrones: On Location

BEWARE: SPOILERS! You have to love Game Of Thrones. You know, that show that everyone has been fawning over?! OK, OK. So I know…

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nazi youth movement

Females in the Third Reich

During the Second World War the German government used propaganda to control the ‘vision of women’. With that said, what exactly was the role…

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